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Anastasia Kharchenko

Author avatar Anastasia is a developed cryptoinvestor entrepreneur and a person with extensive practical experience. In this blog she talks about investment strategies, technical aspects of brokerage organizations and gives advice from her personal, rich experience.

What Is a Moving Average?

averageA moving average is a forex indicator whose primary function is to smooth out price fluctuations. It assists in identifying trend reversals from the usual market “noise.” It is often identified as a trend-follower since it notes a currency pair’s past prices to assess the market.  “Moving average” refers to ... Read More

What is RSI?

Analiza fundamentalna:The Relative Strength Index or simply, RSI, was developed and published in 1978 by technical analyst J. Welles Wilder. The now-popular indicator was created to assess the strength of the price changes of a particular security, unlike other indicators (3. What Is a Moving Average?). The RSI identifies you buy ... Read More

Economic Calendar Content

Economic Calendar ContentThe economic calendar is a chart indicator for key economic figures of different countries around the world. An economic calendar is always a salient feature of different forex brokers.  This tool is analyzed and used as a reference for traders to know updates about GDP, industrial production, Producer Price Index, ... Read More

Calculating Return on Investment (ROI)

Calculation of Returns on InvestmentReturn on Investment Meaning Return on Investment (ROI) is a tool used to measure the performance efficiency of an investment or compare the ability of some different investments. Return on Investment attempts to calculate the amount of return on a specific investment concerning the cost or expenses of the investment. ... Read More

Cost benefit analysis

Analiza fundamentalna:Cost-Benefit Analysis: Meaning and Uses Private companies are focused on the profit opportunities when making business decisions and take into account the direct internal effects (which are the cash flow as well as expenditures) and do not take into consideration the external factors that might cost or benefit society through ... Read More