Axiory Forex Broker

Axiory Forex Broker

Axiory is a global forex and CFDs broker that offers a good range of features and services. It holds more than a decade of experience in the markets, as well as numerous offices in different jurisdictions across the globe. 

Axiory Forex Broker

Axiory Regulation and Security

Axiory is the brand name of Axiory Global Ltd, a brokerage company that became part of the industry in 2011. It is a brokerage company that established several offices across the world, including those in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Middle East, and Dubai. This broker has aimed at maintaining a clean reputation over years of service, which it did except for the occasional negative feedback from a few clients. Still, this is a normal happening even for top-rated forex brokers in the market. One small note about trading with this broker is that it is not available for several jurisdictions in Asia. 

Axiory offers its services under the regulatory authority of the International Financial Services Commission in Belize. This broker has practiced full transparency with its regulatory status and security standards. It is annually audited and releases its statistics every month. Furthermore, this broker only partners with trusted global banking institutions in storing its client funds, which are also kept in separate accounts. If the broker files for bankruptcy, clients will receive compensatory funds that will be managed by an auditing firm. Also, Axiory offers clients protection from a negative balance status in their accounts. 

Axiory Forex Broker

Axiory Platform Services

Axiory offers two main platforms for their clients to choose from. These two are leaders in the industry and are equipped with high-level technology and features that all levels of traders benefit from.


The MT4 platform is equipped with a wide scope of features. First, it has a user-friendly but intuitive platform that allows for easy navigation. It is a perfect fit for high-volume traders, as well as expert investors that use complex strategies for a variety of trades in different markets. This platform hosts a wide scope of tools and indicators that are perfect for day trading. It is also equipped with EAs and a customization feature that allows each trader to customize the platform according to their preferences. It also has built-in research and educational materials such as historical data and an Economic Calendar, which help traders stay updated with the latest market events. This platform is perfect for experts and beginners alike, since it has sophisticated features and is fairly easy to use. It is also the markets’ most recommended platform for beginners when exploring the markets or making their first few trades. This version of the MT4 is compatible with any desktop, but Axiory also offers a web version. 


The cTrader platform is a comparably newer platform than the MT4, but it does not fall short in having sophisticated features. This platform is useful and innovative in many ways. It is equipped with a cTraderID that serves as an account management feature for all accounts. With this security tool, traders are assured that their accounts are safe from theft and that only they have access to their accounts. Other than that, this platform also has a user-friendly interface that is more modern than the MT4. It also has speedy execution, as well as multiple timeframes. And of course, it has almost a hundred built-in indicators that will help both novice and expert traders create profitable trades. 

Axiory Trading Conditions

Axiory provides trading conditions that are commonly offered by most brokers in the industry. Its spread levels are average, which goes the same for leverage. This broker uses decent trading conditions in comparison with a few number of brokers that offer highly expensive fees and charges. 

Spreads & Commissions

Axiory has competitive spreads that commonly begin at 0.2p pips. This is the usual spread level for major forex currencies. For minor pairs, the spread levels may be a tad higher, but they usually don’t exceed 1 pip. However, these are all relative to the trading account chosen by the user. For all accounts offered by Axiory, spread levels are average and in line with acceptable industry standards. 

For commodity trading, the spread levels may differ slightly. In this market, spreads tend to be higher since it is less volatile than the currency markets. For a variety of CFD indices, the common spread levels could go beyond 1 pip. For energies, the spread levels could get as low as 0.01 pip. Moreover, this broker charges overnight fees and swap fees for different assets. 


Axiory provides a good range of leverage to choose from. This is also relative to the asset or market to be traded in. For most trading accounts, the leverage could go as high as 1:700, but traders could also opt for the 1:1 leverage. There is a more in-depth discussion about leverage levels for different markets on Axiory’s official website. 

Axiory Conclusion

Axiory is a reliable broker that offers decent services to a wide client base. Its trading conditions are similar to what industry brokers offer. When it comes to security, this broker has maintained a clean reputation over years of service through transparency with its clients. Overall, it is recommended to traders.