Hydrogen penny stocks: The 6 Best Hydrogen Penny Stocks To Buy For April‌ 2023

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Bloom Energy can pair its Bloom Electrolyzer with solar energy andwind energyto generate green hydrogen, which it can store and eventually turn back into electricity for future use. Although clean hydrogen holds great promise as a potential emissions-free fuel source, it’s costly to produce. It costs about $1.50 per kilogram to produce hydrogen from natural gas and $5 per kilogram to produce clean hydrogen. The U.S. Department of Energy wants to get the cost of clean hydrogen down to $1.00 per kilogram over the next decade to make it a more competitive fuel source.

The industry needs to scale and reduce costs to become competitive with fossil fuels and other emerging technologies like battery storage. Investors might want to watch the sector for a while as they gauge which companies have the best chances of emerging as long-term winners. Air Products aspires to be a leader in providing solutions to the world’s energy and environmental challenges through gasification, carbon capture, and clean hydrogen. It has several major hydrogen projects underway that it expects to complete in the coming years. Its $7 billion carbon-free hydrogen joint venture in Saudi Arabia is the biggest.

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In addition, Air Products also provides process and speciality gases as well as performance materials and chemical intermediates to customers across the world. After trading to a high of $75 in January 2021, PLUG stock declined gradually, losing over 50% of its value in 2022 alone. Nonetheless, with its constant innovation and partnership with companies like Nikola, PLUG is still a much-watched stock as it has the potential to be a major player in the green energy sector.

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With eight unanimous Buys, NEE stock has won the favor of Wall Street analysts. Also, the average NextEra Energy price target of $96.88 implies 28.1% upside potential from current levels. Let us look at three green hydrogen companies that are poised to benefit from the IRA. Regulations – Hydrogen technologies are heavily regulated by various governments, which can have a big impact on companies’ profits and stock prices. The firm also offers production of bipolar plates for fuel cells and heat exchanger plates. It also provides Westport High Pressure Direct Injection 2.0, a fully integrated system that powers compression ignition engines by natural gas, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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It also created the Bloom Electrolyzer, using the same solid oxide technology as its Bloom Energy Serve, which can produce clean hydrogen 15% to 45% more efficiently than other products on the market. Here are some quick answers to common questions about investing in hydrogen companies.What is the best hydrogen stock to invest in? For companies with a heavy focus on hydrogen energy, take a look at Air Products and Bloom Energy. Both companies have 12-month price targets that exceed their current prices.

With these hypergrowth hydrogen stocks, you have three of the highest-quality plays on a multi-trillion-dollar revolution. And they’re three stocks that could easily rise several hundred percent in the 2020s. Hydrogen fuel cells have become more affordable thanks to economies of scale, dropping 60% in cost over the past decade. And further, Deloitte predicts that they will soon be cheaper than electric batteries and combustion engines.

The profusion of opinions on social media and financial blogs makes it impossible to distinguish between real growth potential and pure hype. Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. is a publicly-traded company that focuses on hydrogen research and development. Powertap Hydrogen Capital Corp. recently acquired AES and a partnership with Middle East-based hydrogen company Viridian Hydrogen UAE. Additionally, the company can collect comprehensive specifications from clients and secure orders for its bespoke design for the UK, EU, and North American markets. Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns. Several companies are working hard to tap into the enormous promise of this potentially emission-free fuel.

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But their promise faded as oil prices dropped and other clean energy sources became more competitive. Hydrogen production was costly, inefficient, and often dependent on natural gas. The company’s GenDrive system integrates hydrogen fuel cells manufactured by both Plug Power and Ballard Power Systems. Is that GenDrive units have a hydrogen storage capability that allows them to be “recharged” in minutes versus the several hours it takes for regular lead-acid batteries. Lower Emissions – Investing in companies that use renewable sources of hydrogen production instead of fossil fuels means fewer greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere. While assets like Bitcoin have come under scrutiny for their negative environmental impact, hydrogen stocks are typically much better for the environment.

As the demand for medical waste grows, it is critical to prioritize waste treatment and disposal options that are both safe and environmentally responsible. The global medical waste management market was valued at $7,226.4 million in 2020 and is projected to reach $12,834.9 million by 2030, with a CAGR of 5.8% from 2021 to 2030. The green technology will not be limited to inside the US borders as VKIN believes that the approval of this US patent application will result in the issuance of additional related patents in other countries. Idil is a writer with interests ranging from arts and politics to history and finance. She spent several years in publishing before becoming a full-time writer, and learning the inner workings of an industry she loved ignited her interest in economics.

PowerTap Hydrogen focuses on constructing hydrogen production and dispensing infrastructure in the U.S. through its wholly-owned subsidiary, PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp. Investing in Energy Stocks The economy needs energy across sectors to run smoothly, making these companies potential buys. Costco Wholesale has been among the most reliable stocks of the past five years. But even the third-biggest retailer in the world can underperform in times of…

Moreover, renewable hydrogen, which can replace fossil fuel in sectors that are struggling to decarbonise, is seen as a way to meet goals to reduce emissions. AFC Energy continues to make significant success as a major clean energy firm, with the recent deployment of its hydrogen power technology and its signing of worldwide distribution agreements. Westport Fuel Systems Inc. is a producer and provider of sophisticated, clean fuel systems and components in Canada.

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It also intends for technology of this system to be licensed for the production of renewable hydrogen to produce renewable electricity and hydrogen for fuel cells. It offers HGas for power-to-gas, clean fuel, and industrial hydrogen applications. FuelCell Energy, Inc. engages in the development, design, production, construction and servicing of high temperature fuel cells for clean electric power generation. As the transition to renewable energy unfolds, green energy penny stocks have the potential to see massive gains. It’s a global leader inliquefied natural gas processing technology and equipment. It’s also one of the world’s largest suppliers of merchant hydrogen and a leader in hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

Top Hydrogen Penny Stocks to Buy Now

Currently, BE stock has a Moderate Buy consensus rating based on four Buys and three Hold ratings. The average Bloom Energy price target of $29.57 implies 26.9% upside potential from current levels. After reaching a 5-year high of $13 in February 2021, WPRT stock has since declined, losing over 70% of its value from that point till the end of 2022. This decline could be due to the bearish sentiment in the market, as well as the increasing competition in the HPDI space. Its products and services are used for passenger cars; light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks; and horsepower, cryogenics, and hydrogen applications. Westport Fuel Systems Inc. markets its products primarily under the Cummins Westport, BRC, Westport, OMVL, Prins, GFi Control systems, Emer, Zavoli, TA Gas Technology, Valtek, and AFS brands.

If you are interested in investing in companies that are making a positive impact on the environment while also potentially earning sizable returns on your investment, then don’t sleep on this project sector. As per a WSJ report, NEE is arguing that proving renewable energy production on an hourly basis would increase its cost. The company plans to be carbon neutral by 2045 by focusing on solar projects and hydrogen-based power plants. Diversification – Investing in hydrogen stocks can be a good way to diversify your portfolio. The market is still relatively small and not as widely covered by news sources as other markets, so it could offer investors an opportunity to gain exposure to a new sector with potential growth potential. Potential Cost Savings – Companies that use hydrogen technologies can often save money on their energy costs compared to traditional sources of energy.

It’s safe to say that any company that can reliably produce green hydrogen power could have a lot to gain in this market. Linde has developed several technologies to efficiently compress and safely refuel hydrogen. It also offers technologies to lower the carbon emissions of hydrogen through carbon capture and storage. Plug Power is building an end-to-end green hydrogen network to produce, store, and deliver the fuel across North America and Europe.


The IRA has allotted $369 billion towards green energy solutions and technology. Green hydrogen producers can avail themselves of up to $3 per kilogram in tax credits for the first ten years of a project. To recover and deliver natural gas reserves with the least amount of environmental damage, the company has built natural gas treatment and liquefaction plants around the world. It has also constructed the world’s largest plant for converting landfill gas into eco-friendly biogas, which converts harmful gases into a form that can be used safely. Westport Fuel Systems is a leading provider of innovative fuel delivery components and systems for a range of low-carbon alternative fuels, including natural gas, renewable natural gas, propane, and hydrogen. The company’s HPDI (High-Pressure Direct Injection) technology allows vehicles to switch from diesel to natural gas or hydrogen without having to replace their existing internal combustion engines.

The most common way to invest in hydrogen stocks is through stock brokerage accounts. Brokerage accounts are platforms provided by financial institutions such as banks, online brokerages, or discount brokerages, where investors can buy and sell securities such as stocks. With no minimum account requirement and no commissions on any stock or ETF trades, Merrill Edge offers a comprehensive trading platform for trading hydrogen stocks that is intuitive and straightforward. After trading to an all-time high of $45 in February 2021, the stock saw a gradual decline in the form of a correction but remained within the range established in 2020. Nonetheless, this could be a good entry point for investors as Bloom is set to benefit from the growing demand for alternative energy sources. Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is a leading American multinational company dedicated to providing industrial gases and chemicals for a wide range of purposes.

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