Sar trading: Parabolic SAR Indicator: Definition, Formula, Trading Strategies


It aims to identify potential reversals in the price movement of traded assets. For a red dot following a series of green dots, the opposite is true. The series of green dots shows that the market is currently bullish. What this tool basically does is helps traders determine when the current trend will end, or when it is about to end.

The Parabolic SAR is an indicator favored by technical traders that captures reversal signals. Wilder was a mechanical engineer best known for his technical analysis developments. He has also developed the DMI , the RSI , and other indicators dear to technical analysts today.

Limitations of Using the Parabolic SAR Indicator

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The risks of loss from investing in CFDs can be substantial and the value of your investments may fluctuate. 75% of retail client accounts lose money when trading CFDs, with this investment provider. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how this product works, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. But, if a green parabolic line is interrupted by one or two red dots, you might think about closing your current long position and opening a short position.

The technical indicator uses a trailing stop and reverse method called “SAR,” or stop and reverse, to identify suitable exit and entry points. This trade would have been a +203 pip profit using the MA cross exit approach. The combination of these indicators will give you accurate trend reversal setups.

Basically, when the dots are below the candles, it is a BUYsignal. One indicator that can help us determine where a trend might be ending is the Parabolic SAR . Determine significant support and resistance levels with the help of pivot points.

Setting it right at the parabolic SAR will ensure that you exit the trade once the trend is threatened. Setting your stop-loss order beyond the parabolic SAR gives you leeway to stay in the trade in case of fake-outs, but you have to accept the potential for greater loss. To complete all these strategies, the risk on each trade must be managed, and you should avoid taking a position size that is too large for your account. By using a stop-loss order, you can prevent capital loss if the price does not move in a favourable direction. The parabolic SAR is also available for aiding trading strategies on the international platform, MetaTrader 4, which is hosted through our software.

What Is the Parabolic SAR Indicator?

The major drawback of the indicator is that it will provide little analytical insight or good trade signals during sideways market conditions. Without a clear trend, the indicator will constantly flip-flop above and below the price. This type of price action can last all day, so if a day trader relies solely on the parabolic SAR for trade signals, it could be a big losing day. This will result in constant trade signals, as the trader will always have a position. The parabolic SAR provides several basic functions that include providing trend direction, entry and exit signals, and acting as a trailing stop-loss​​. These basic functions can be further enhanced into a strategy by adding some additional rules.


The Parabolic SAR works well for capturing profits by entering the trade during a trend in a steady market. The Kairi Relative Index is a technical analysis indicator used to indicate potential buy and sell points based on overbought or oversold conditions. Charting software automatically calculates the PSAR, which means traders only need to know how to interpret the indicator’s signals. Always look for prior resistance or support to determine a stop loss. Some will get out of the trade when the dot appears below the price candle.

Ideally, utilize a spreadsheet where the high and low price, SAR, EP, and AF can be tracked on a period-by-period basis. Use an AF of 0.02 initially, and increase by 0.02 for each new extreme high or low . Monitor price for at least five periods or more, recording the high and low . Anderson is CPA, doctor of accounting, and an accounting and finance professor who has been working in the accounting and finance industries for more than 20 years. Her expertise covers a wide range of accounting, corporate finance, taxes, lending, and personal finance areas.

You can choose a financial product to trade along the left side of the platform, within the commodities, currencies, indices, shares, and treasuries markets. Its chart will appear on the right, and along the bottom of the chart, there is a tab for “Technicals”. This provides the trade direction on the one-minute chart​​. Only short entries are taken when the price drops below the indicator.

Reversal signals are also generated, eventually, regardless of whether the price actually reverses. This is because a reversal is generated when the SAR catches up to the price due to the acceleration factor in the formula. Therefore, a reversal signal may get a trader out of a trade even though the price hasn’t technically reversed. An ascending triangle is a chart pattern used in technical analysis created by a horizontal and rising trendline. The pattern is considered a continuation pattern, with the breakout from the pattern typically occurring in the direction of the overall trend. For example, SAR sell signals are much more convincing when the price is trading below a long-term moving average.

The breakout strategy requires isolating the overall visual trend direction. The double parabolic SAR strategy makes this approach more systemic by using the indicator direction on a longer-term timeframe as the overall trend direction. This stipulates in which direction to trade on the lower timeframe. The parabolic SAR places dots above each price bar if the price is falling, and below each price bar if the price is rising. When the price passes through the dots, there is a potential trend reversal and the dots move to the other side.

The indicator can also be used used to set stop loss orders. This can be achieved by moving the stop loss to match the level of the SAR indicator. An MA takes the average price over a selected number of periods and then plots it on the chart. The PSAR looks at extreme highs and lows and then applies an acceleration factor. These varying formulas look very different on the chart and will provide different analytical insights and trade signals.

Parabolic SAR breakout

Other indicators that complement the SAR trading signals include moving averages and candlestick patterns. Welles Wilder to determine the direction that an asset is moving. The indicator is also referred to as a stop and reverse system, which is abbreviated as SAR.

The dots help to determine the current direction of the price. A counter-argument to the parabolic SAR is that using it can result in a lot of trades. Some traders would argue that using the moving average alone would have captured the entire up move all in one trade.

Double parabolic SAR strategy

However, sometimes the dot will be far away at the start of a trend, or you may not want to wait for a candle close before taking a trade signal. In these cases, you should consider placing a stop-loss below the recent swing low if going long, or above a recent swing high if going short. Two cents or two pips ​​ above the swing or below the swing low is adequate.

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