TradeAllCrypto: Crypto Broker

TradeAllCrypto is an online broker that primarily focuses on providing trading services for Cryptocurrency to its clients. It was founded by Market Solutions Ltd, which is located in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

TradeAllCrypto provides its clients with a CFDs (Contract For Differences) trading platform where they can trade with a decent variety of trading assets which also includes stocks, commodities, and indices, apart from the mentioned cryptocurrency.

TradeAllCrypto – подробный обзор брокера | Форекс словарь

TradeAllCrypto: Review

However, while TradeAllCrypto does get its share of positive user reviews, there is also an equal number of negative ones around as well. In this TradeAllCrypto review, we will take a brief look at some of the features and services that this online brokerage provides and see if it does hold up to its reputation or not. 

TradeAllCrypto: Customer Review

As online brokerage reviews can always be forged to reel in unsuspecting traders, it is imperative to check what other clients say about a broker. Interestingly enough, there are an equal amount of positive and negative TradeAllCrypto customer reviews that can be found on a majority of websites. While it is possible that some of the claims may hold some weight to it, we will address the matter in a fair light when reviewing the broker in this TradeAllCrypto review.

TradeAllCrypto: Fraud

As with most online brokerages, the TradeAllCrypto crypto broker does not stray far from its fair share of fraud and/or scam claims from its customers. However, with the reviews delving into both extremes as well as the lack of any coverage of reported incidents, it can be hard to pinpoint if a TradeAllCrypto fraud truly exists or not.

TradeAllCrypto: Services and Offerings

While TradeAllCrypto crypto broker offers the following services to clients residing in almost any part of the globe, some offers may differ depending on the location of the client. Services are also blocked for residents in the United States due to legal restrictions.

• Trading Instruments

TradeAllCrypto offers a wide variety of tradeable assets to choose from spanning over Forex pairs, Company Shares, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.

• Account Types

The TradeAllCrypto crypto broker offers its customers with five account types – the Start(er) Account, the Silver Account, the Gold Account, the Platinum Account, and the V.I.P. Account.

The Start account can be opened with a minimum deposit of $250, and features a 50% first-time bonus and standard withdrawal rules.

The Silver account can be opened with a minimum deposit of $3,001, and features a 100% first-time bonus and standard withdrawal rules.

The Gold account can be opened with a minimum deposit of $10,000. Clients with the Gold account are given access to Analytical and Educational materials as well as an Introduction to its xCritical and MT4 trading platforms. It also comes with a personal financial analyst and a weekly individual review of the client’s trading account.

The Platinum account can be opened with a minimum deposit of $50,001. Clients with the Platinum account are given access to all the features from the Gold Account with more frequent individual reviews of the client’s trading account. 

The V.I.P. account can be opened with a minimum deposit of $100,001. Clients with the V.I.P. account are given access to all the features from the previous account types but with a lot more.

In addition, TradeAllCrypto also has an Islamic swap-free account. The online brokerage also offers a Demo Account, that clients can access for free in order to test out the trading platform’s features in a risk-free environment. However, after a few run-throughs of the Demo Account, it is evident that it does not always factor in real-life scenarios and hence, the outcome may not be similar to a live trading environment.

However, we must add that there aren’t a lot of information available online (including on their official website) and it can come across as a cause for suspicion to the more experienced trader. 

• Trading Platform

TradeAllCrypto offers its customers two types of trading platforms – the MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform, and the xCritical trading platform.

The latter one is its proprietary xCritical trading platform which was developed by Quant ROI Ltd. It is apparently the most widely-used in its clientele. XCritical comes with an in-built Autochartist tool, trading signals, and strategy materials. It is capable of instantly executing orders of over 170 financial instruments.

Meanwhile, the MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform is one of the leading trading platforms in the industry, most notable for its easy-to-use interface, lightning-quick execution time, and flexible customizability. It features real-time market quotes as well as over 80 pre-installed technical indicators, charting tools, and automated trading options, to name a few.

It is available for desktop, web browser, and mobile for iOS and Android. 

TradeAllCrypto: Crypto Broker

• Payment Options

Payment options include credit/debit cards, bank wire transfers, and online payment services. Deposits and withdrawals can also be done with cryptocurrency.

Withdrawals are usually processed within the same day, though it could take more if requests are done outside of business hours. Bank transfers usually take one to three business days to process, though some options can take a few seconds. 

There are no fees for deposits; however, bank processing fees may apply depending on which service has been chosen. Online payment services may charge additional fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Most of the details listed above may often be subject to change. Therefore, for updated information, please look into TradeAllCrypto’s official website.

TradeAllCrypto: Is it safe?

One of the biggest red flags for TradeAllCrypto is the lack of any information available for first-time clients to tell whether the TradeAllCypto crypto broker is an optimal choice. There are also very few TradeAllCrypto customer reviews available online, which may come off as peculiar when putting how long the broker has been active.

In addition, TradeAllCrypto seems to lack any evidence of it being regulated by a well-known financial authority.

TradeAllCrypto: Conclusion

In conclusion to this TradeAllCrypto review, it is very challenging to tell if the broker provides moderately adequateservices or not. The lack of any information on their official website can turn even the most careless of trader cautious.

Also due to a lack of evidence for any proper regulation from any reputable financial authority, the TradeAllCrypto crypto broker may not be a safe option. But with any lack of news of any major TradeAllCrypto fraud as well, it must be said that signing up with this broker is entirely at your own risk.