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Get a daily strategy newsletter directly to your inbox to help you kick off your trading day the right way. The newsletter combines technical and fundamental research which is viewable on your mobile device. They give directional views and are strong starting points to conduct your own further research and identify strong opportunities. Trading Central’s newsletters keep you updated on market movement by offering unbiased trading ideas, in-context education and investment validation. Trading SignalsAccess trading signals that include key price levels and directional guidance on the charts of your most traded instruments. Trading Central combines analyst research with automated analytics across multiple markets and languages.


In fact, it isn’t even possible to get the Trading Central data as an individual investor since the service only works with professional trading desks and brokers. But we believe that it is well worth the cost to offer this service to our clients. Plus, it’s a gift that will keep giving for as long as you trade with us.

News & Sentiment

Morning news brief gives you a fresh glance into the markets each morning. This is the perfect way to start your day, with all the key news and market data collated into a brief, at your fingertips. We’ve been successfully supporting investment decisions with analyst research & pattern recognition since 1999.

The product offers pattern recognition to trigger high potential trading ideas. This is then checked and corroborated by the analysts before being released to our traders. Disclaimer Trading Central is a respected third-party supplier of GO Markets. Traders should note that GO Markets offers the software to its customers as a bonus feature and does not warrant the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of the information supplied.

The Trading Central analysts have garnered quite a following globally and especially across leading media sources where they are recognised as real experts. They are often quoted in Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Dow Jones among others. These global expert research analysts work in tandem with automated algorithms to help pinpoint price movements with the goal of helping our traders make more educated trading decisions.

The platform provides premium analytics for chart interactions, fully compatible with MT4. With support and resistance levels, stop loss and expert-derived trading plans, Trading Central has the tools your investors need to plan their entry and exit prices. Tackling Infobesity High level scores, personalization and AI.The Shift to Multi-Asset The research you need to launch CFD, Crypto & Stocks.Crypto Brokers Actionable analytics to support traders. Equity indices fell as mixed earnings results and negative economic data made investors cautious. The Philly Fed manufacturing index, for April, showed a greater contraction than expected and…

Grow your business & help investors form confident, educated decisions.

From directional trend, value score, popular patterns, earnings dividend yield and more, our powerful screeners and personable filters enable your investors to identify opportunities that match their unique trading style. Log in to your secure portal and access the daily newsletter by clicking on Trading Central from the navigation bar. ESMA intervention measures only apply to customers of AN Allnew investments Ltd (

Your investors can discover potential price direction by reviewing our charting analysis or see how their opinion lines up with Trading Central experts. Delivery channels like API, widgets, framable UIs and data feeds to craft the perfect experience. Our award-winning analytical solutions compress unstructured, big data into compact insights and iconic visuals that increase engagement, confidence and action.

Impose Analyst views indicator over your MT4/MT5 trading charts to generate your own trade setups. The trading signals include key price levels and directional guidance on the charts of your actively traded instruments. Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before trading you should fully understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss and your level of experience. Please note that past performance does not constitute a reliable indicator of future results.

Trading central is the most widely distributed technical analysis information source in the world. Aim to help investors to find potencial trading opportunities at the first time. The Featured Ideas tool from Trading Central gives traders suggestions for potential intraday trades.

The award-winning methodologies of Trade Central’s research desk combine with powerful pattern recognition, giving traders actionable research around the clock. Adaptive Candlesticks give you the opportunity to overlay sixteen candlestick patterns on to your MT4/MT5 charts. It is through this partnership with Trading Central that we hope to fulfil the above statistical needs, as well as to add value and give our clients confidence in participating in the financial markets. In 2020 we forged a collaboration with Trading Central, whereby we began to offer their award-winning products like market insights and intelligence, directly to our clients. We have made these products available through our proprietary interfaces and via notifications (SMS/email/push). Alpha Generation supports decision-making with three innovative indicators representing market psychology, new opportunity identification and potential entry/exit points.


Actionable market news can be delivered directly via WebTV or email – trading strategies can be built within the platform. Analyst Views is the world’s only financial market research solution combining senior analyst experience with automated algorithms. Patented pattern recognition monitors global markets 24/7, covering over 8,000 instruments and updating analysis whenever new price levels are met. A suite of programs offering actionable support, Trading Central offers 24-hour multi-asset coverage, technical and fundamental analysis and back-tested trading strategies. Trading IdeasGet trading ideas and signals which are based on both technical and fundamental analysis and are supported by back-tested strategies.

Featured Trades provides up to 10 trading ideas along with a detailed explanation of why the trade was featured. The individual trader can customize their own entry and exit points using the combination of Trading Central’s award-winning technical analysis and the customizable settings available from Trading Central. The rich feature set included with the tool will also help traders learn more about technical analysis and how patterns can develop on charts in response to the price moves of assets. Our clients can make more confident, credible decisions based on actionable and straightforward trading plans created by the expert analysts at Trading Central. This tool merges the views of their brightest minds together with automated algorithms.

GO Markets does not have any connection with, or vouch for the accuracy of the trading styles described, or predict or guarantee any outcome as a result of their use. Responsibility for the claims made in the materials are made by Trading Central and Trading Central alone. Trading Central, its affiliates and any third-party contributor will not be liable for any claim, damages or other liability arising from, out of, or in connection with the use of the Charts. The material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. Users of this service should take independent decisions regarding any securities or financial instruments mentioned herein.

These are based on both technical and fundamental analysis and supported by back-tested strategies. Watch your trade idea perform over time and open a trade directly from the dashboard. The economic calendar allows you to stay on top of the key news that will move the assets. Monitor economic events and data releases, understand the impact on the relevant asset and act upon the indicator by trading directly. Trading Central offers sophisticated technical and fundamental analysis.

KCM Trading Central MT4 Indicator

Layered insights across technical, fundamental, economic, sentiment & news proven to acquire & engage. The Morning BriefStart off your day with the morning news brief containing all the key news and market data. LegacyFX forged a collaboration with Trading Central to offer various tools to help traders make informed investment decisions. Thanks to the partnership that’s been forged between AvaTrade and Trading Central our traders pay absolutely nothing for this valuable service.

Experience shows that for a trader to increase their trading edge, they need a few things. One is practice, another is education and learning resources, and the third is insight, or a window into the markets if you will. View the latest technical insights on a range of popular instruments, receiving actionable advice from award-winning Trading Central analysts. Get the latest news coverage, media content, and price events across more than 35,000 tradable assets. You can filter the economic events of 38 countries by both importance or country, and you can track each of the events live, as well looking at how similar events from the past affected the asset price on the chart.

58% want more education on how to use technical analysis and strategies. 68% of investors confirm that they would like to receive more technical trading strategies and independent recommendations. This network lets more experienced traders build confidence through education and market reviews.

Future forecasts do not constitute a reliable indicator of future performance. Economic EventsAccess more than 115 charts linked to the relevant economic events, monitor your assets of choice, and act on the information in real-time. Access more than 115 FX charts which are linked to the relevant economic events, and monitor the assets in real-time and act on the information quickly.

Live IndicatorsAdaptive Divergence Convergence indicators are based on the MACD indicator and provide a series of entry/exit points, with slow & fast indicators and raw & smooth signal lines. Adaptive Divergence Convergence indicators are based on the MACD indicator and give a series of entry/exit points, with both slow & fast indicators, and raw & smooth signal lines to cut out excessive signals. GO Markets has proudly forged a partnership with Trading Central, bringing you an enhanced trading experience through sophisticated decision support.

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